Achieve excellence in Ecommerce ecosystem

Boost sales

Embrace personalization

Personalized suggestions for users by mapping details from their account.

Upsell products

Suggest premium versions of user selected products. Suggest addons and upgrades for user selected products.

Leverage customer generated content

Content posted on social media & community viewed as proof for product’s popularity. Host the most popular content on your Ecommerce platform.

Harness social media market place

Open Facebook store Enable one click buy ads

Avoid abandoned carts

Analyse the reasons of customers leaving during checkout At least 70% customers abandon carts on high price, delivery charges and tax Make free shipping your sales pitch

Engage with customers

Live Chat Create community Create & support trends Promote hashtags linked to business’s social media page

Enhance customer experience

Promote customer loyalty

Reward customers with loyalty points Give loyal customers lucrative offers

Anticipate future sales

Business intelligence with historical data predicts future sales, stock up products and modify logistics operation to improve customer service.