Leverage blockchain mechanised smart contracts

Blockchain Potential


Order & delivery process will be automated with smart contracts to gather required raw material at same time to increase efficiency in production
Unique product id and timestamp will be attached to manufactured products to avoid duplicate products from being sold


Smart contracts will handle payment methods, registration of vehicles and transfer of titles.


Vehicles of logistic companies will be connected to supply chain management and will establish smart contracts for delivery of goods from a nodal point to another and corresponding payments.

Supply chain management

Smart contracts will handle delivery process of products to warehouses, wholesalers, retailers and processing payment from them to company.
Whenever a product is sold blockchain will automatically place order for that product to a supplier whoever agrees the terms of smart contract in real time

Employability smart contracts

Employees are recruited with smart contracts, blockchain will pay them automatically on pay day according to terms of contract.

Health records

Save health reports in real time on shared ledger to maintain a centralised database for maintaining medical history & government policy making.

Smart contractsapplications

Insurance smart contracts

Health records on blockchain when used with smart contracts offer real time policy claims settlement.


Smart contracts on blockchain can be used to share rides on manual & self-driving vehicles.


Blockchain and smart contracts can be used to settle financial transactions autonomously and removes the need of intermediaries.


Fund transfers on blockchain will enable shared trust as majority of the concerned parties need to verify the transaction.
Loan allotment process, amount payment & EMIs deduction will work autonomously with smart contracts.